Friday, 23 February 2007

Reflecting on feedback

I thought these quotations might be useful for our group e-tivity:

"The feedback may be vague and in a language students find difficult to understand. The balance of positive and negative feedback may overwhelm the students and make it difficult for her to take in what is being said. What students really want is dialogue about their work [emphasis mine]."
Brockbank and McGill,
Facilitating Reflective Learning in Higher Education (The Society for Research in Higher Education. Open University Press, 1998 p.205

"Feedback is of limited use unless students can understand it and act on it."
Ron Dearing et al. (1997).
Higher Education in the Learning Society: Report of the National Committee of Inquiry into Higher Education (aka ‘The Dearing

"Students should be trained in how to interpret feedback, how to make connections between the feedback and the characteristics of the work they produce, and how they can improve their work in the future. It cannot simply be assumed that when students are ‘given feedback’ they will know what to do with it."
Sadler, D.R. (1998). ‘Formative assessment: revisiting the territory’. Assessment in Education, 5.1, p.78)

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