Wednesday, 22 October 2008

My literacy practices

My literacy practices these days are predominantly technology-mediated.

Typically, in a day, I:

  • txt/send SMS messages
  • email
  • post to blog
  • post to discussion boards (my own KU courses as well as external ones I'm a student on)
  • post to walls, comments boxes etc on One Community (our Elgg installation)

Because these literacy practices are technology-mediated and asynchronous, I'm engaging in them at various times and places: home and office, working hours and early mornings or evenings.

It's difficult, given the informality of my working environment and good relationships with colleagues, to differentiate home literacy practices and work-related literacy practices. The domains may be different but I'm not sure the literacy practices are massively different.

I'm with Barton on the porous nature of domains:

The practices leak from one domain to the other and there is much overlap.
(Barton 1994: 40)


Barton, D. (1994) Literacy: An Introduction to the Ecology of Written Language. Oxford: Blackwell.

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