Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Twitter profile field as minimal - but laminated - identity performance

Here are some example bios:
  • e-learning, read/write web, participation, user-centred, activism, agency, democracy, curry, beer, cycling, cricket, football, indie music, indie film

  • lecturer, researcher, poet, new-ish father

  • Researcher (e-Learning, m-Learning and technology enhanced learning), vather, techgeek and i am a mac-user ;-)

  • Library geek, datamonger and allotmenteer

  • librarian, mom, social media, information literacy, punk rock, 60s reggae, edupunk, educational technology, author, subcultures, chronic overtweeter

  • Librarian and repository manager for a X university by day; blogger, video maker, writer, gamer. Lord of all weasels, llamas and gooses by night

  • Community building and general change management for online distance learning. Running. Cider. Electric bicycles.

  • Learning Technologist wondering why the one line bio is 160 characters??

  • Married with 2 boys who have now flown the nest. Work in education, teach ICT and love gadgets

  • dad, senior learning technologist at University of X, educational technology consultant, moodle guru and uncompromising bike commuter
What identities are performed here? Professional certainly (learning technologist, librarian, teach IT). Personal too - as mothers or fathers (mom, dad, newish father). As fans (indie music, indei film). As politically committed to particular causes (democracy, user-centred activism). Affiliated to a a myriad causes, interests, affinity spaces ...

More to follow.

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