Thursday, 23 April 2009

Twitter workshop ideas

These are my rough notes from Matt Lingard's workshop

Section 1: face the front bit with Matt talking

Starts with personal use of Twitter for professional purposes. Also brings in a few strong quotes about the importance of Twitter culturally and economically.
Those who criticise use of Twitter at work haven't seen the tectonic plates moving. Social networks such as these are the way businesses will be run in the future.
Victor Keegan Technology Guardian

Twitter practicalities
  • create an account

  • you'll need a username - this can be anything you like but you should also add your own details as this will help people follow you.

  • The home page - this displays the tweets of those that you are following. The core of Twitter is to follow people.
Matt has a really good PowerPoint that makes a distinction between the Home and Profile pages.

Matt showed a video (Martin Weller: Twitter Love Song) that explained what it was and how it might be used.

Types of tweet:
  • @ replies

  • direct messages

  • retweets

Other Twitter stuff

  • embedding links

  • uploading photos

  • hashtags

  • Twitter searches

Next bit is the hands-on.

Section 2: hands on session

Matt gave a useful handout.

Matt got us to write on a postit our usernames then put then up on a PowerPoint slide. We were then asked to follow fellow participants and interact via tweets.
  • uploading pictures (Mobypicture)
  • adding feeds (Twitterfeed)
  • hashtags
  • Twitter searches

Presentation available online at:

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