Wednesday, 18 March 2009

New Literacy Studies, New London Group, New Literacies

  • New Literacy Studies: coming out of work by Gee and Street and Heath and Barton and Hamilton that specifically looked at literacy as a social practice. focusing on domains of practice.

  • the 'new literacies': comes more from the work of Lankshear and Knobel, identifying ways in which literacy is now something very different when considered in relation to the new communicative landscape. This 'new literacies' draws on theory from new literacy studies, but also draws on theory from other sources, particularly the 'New London Group' (Kress, Cope and Kalantzis and others) that looked at ways of understand meaning making in relation to Design and multimodality.

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Ninette Pace Balzan said...

therefor, illiteracy, or the perception of illiteracy, is not an individual's responsibility but the responsibility of the society which perceives, or causes a self-perception of illiteracy; excluding an individual from a social practice!
Ninette Pace Balzan